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INTECH College is a private vocational training institution owned by a California Corporation, and it is in good standing financial status.




INTECH College opened its doors to the public in April of 2007 by Maria Cristina Herrera and Jacqueline Vigil.  Ms. Herrera has over fifteen years of experience as a school business owner and administrator in the field of education.  She also has a Dual Masters Degree in International Policy Studies and Hispanic Studies.   Mrs. Vigil has over twenty years of experience as a school director and administrator in vocational education and job placement services.  Additionally, Ms. Vigil holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Science.  Both, Ms. Herrera and Mrs. Vigil hold a Director’s Certificate from the BPPVE.  They are bilingual and bicultural in English and Spanish, and have been active leaders in the Vocational Rehabilitation Industry and in the Greater Los Angeles Community. 






INTECH College Address:  The campus main is located at 10012 Garvey Avenue, #7, El Monte, CA 91733.  The School is a one-story fully air-conditioned building with classrooms and labs for Computer, Photography and Auto Mechanics classes. INTECH College also has an Auto Mechanic Shop which is located approximately one block from the school at 3008 Potrero Ave., Suite A, South El Monte, CA 91733. 

Physical Description: The College has a Department for Admissions and a Student Services, as well as a Job Placement Center.  The Computer Classroom and Lab has 10 individual computer stations, a computer repair and maintenance section, the equipment, tools and supplies storage area, and the instructor’s work area with a large-screen and bulletin board for group-training purposes.  The Photography Classroom and Studio has the capacity for up to 10 students with 2 different photography back-drops, studio lights, cameras, trip-pods, photography props, and desks, and for digital imaging photography, the students use the individual computer stations.  The Auto Mechanic classroom has up to 10 individual student desks.  Additionally, the Auto Mechanic Department has a fully-equipped auto mechanic shop with 2 separate working stations, equipped with a vehicle hoist with a 10,000 capacity for hands-on training in diagnostics, maintenance and repairs for most vehicles.  Maximum occupancy level for the facility is up to ten students per class. The campus is within easy access from both, the I-10 and the 60 Freeways.


Instructional Equipment: Students use a variety of hand-held tools, as we well as stationary equipment.  Examples of hand-held tools: pliers, tweezers, files, hammer, screw-drivers, cameras, lenses, etc.  Stationary equipment: computers, printers, scanners, auto mechanic hoist, engine analyzer, brake-lathe, grinders, studio lights, back-drops, special large-screen, etc.

Library Resources:  The school has a series of manuals, reference books, magazines, videos, CD’s, and other materials pertaining to their respective to their field of study available for the students use on campus or take home.  The students also have access to library resources on line via the Internet.