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INTECH College provides one year of job placement assistance to its graduating students at no additional cost, and without any guarantee of employment, or any amount of compensation that can be obtained.  The following is a list of our job placement services: resume and cover letter preparation, skills on how to complete an employment application properly, interviewing techniques through mock-interviews, using technology and internet services to seek possible job opportunities and current job leads, and net-working within the respected industry, while reaching out to other community non-profit organizations and government-base agencies to assist in obtaining employment.


·         Resume and Cover Letter: Educate students on the different types of resumes and cover letters, and assist them in preparing their own job-seeking marketing tools. 

·         Employment Application: Teach students the proper form to complete any employment application.

·         Interviewing Techniques: Prepare students to interview properly, to identify their transferable skills, and to market all their knowledge, abilities, and experience.

·         Technology and Internet Services: Instruct students on how to use the internet services to seek and obtain employment.

·         Job Leads:  Train Students to seek current job leads in their respective field.

·         Job Placement Net-working: Direct and guide students to reach out and use community non-profit organizations and government agencies for job placement purposes.